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Attention! Any business where you need to display information that has to change regularly.....
Real Estate Agents, Travel Agents, Hairdressers, Restaurants, Car Dealers etc....

Clipline is a smart,
cost effective and versatile window display that
actually saves you money.


The Clipline Window Display system is the only cable display system that has been designed to allow you to change the look of your display instantly without the use of special tools or having to dismantle part of the display.

How Clipline saves you money.

The display pockets.....(they are the Perspex holders that display the picture)..... come with the clips already attached to them (Click here to see an exampleso you do not have to spend extra on the little metal clamps seen in other cable display systems. This saves you money and time.

How Clipline Gives you two displays for the price of one.

One unique features, propriety to the Clipline system, is you get two window displays for the price of one. When you use the A4 Double Clipline Display Pocket, if you clip an A4 Double Display Pocket upside down, above another Double A4 Pocket, then you instantly have an A2 size....(600mmx 420mm)....portrait format display. (Click here to see and example)Or if you do the same with the A3 Double Clipline Display Pocket you get a gigantic A1 Size....(600mm x 840mm.... portrait format.

The beauty of this is that you do not fall victim to the 'wall paper effect'. The 'wall paper effect' is when your window display becomes invisible to passers by because they have seen it so many times before, that they become use to it.

By rearranging and changing your window display you can always have something different in your window which will capture the attention of passers by.

How Clipline makes window cleaning easy.

Access to the window for cleaning is made a lot easier with the Clipline system because you do not need any special tools to remove the Display Pocket. You simply unclip it from the cable on one side and it hinges on the other cable giving you easy access to the window for cleaning. (click here to see how)Or you can simply drag the Display Pocket down the cable to get access to that part of the window you want to clean. 

Added versatility with the Clipline Sliding Track.

Clipline is the one cable display system that offers the addition of a Sliding Track. The Sliding Track enables you to expand or contract your window display by moving or removing your anchor points.
(Click here to see an example of the Slide Track

This is good for Real Estate Agents that are in holiday areas, where their listings may expand rapidly during the holiday season and retract considerably during off peak.

So rather than having your window display filled with properties that have been sold ages ago, or worse still, empty display pockets, you can simply remove the Display Pockets and the cables from the Sliding Track then re space out your window display. And when the next selling season starts again you just put them back.

Choose your own frame with Clipline.

Another feature of the Clipline System is that the clips can be attached to most decorative picture frames. So if you prefer the traditional picture frame style for your window display, no problem. There are a variety of frames that the Clipline clips can be adapted to.(click here to see an example)

Adapt your current Perspex displays for just $11

If you are a Real Estate Agent with one of the older rotary style window displays....(the ones usually on a rotating metal frame) In most cases your existing Perspex Display pockets can be adapted to the Clipline System for just $11 (plus GST)

Clipline Custom made sizes

The Clipline Display Pockets are available in A4, A3 or can be made to any custom size you like. (Click here to see an example of a custom made Display Pocket)

Clipline is un-breakable

The Clipline clip is indestructible. (click here to see indestructibility)It is made from a special plastic known as Poly Carbonate. Poly Carbonate basically gets it's strength from having extremely fine particles of glass in it which makes it very resilient to breaking.

In fact, in the developing of the Clipline System, we tried to break a Clipline clip off a piece of Perspex. The Clipline clip had been chemically welded to the edge of a 2mm thick square sheet of clear acrylic Perspex, about 45mm from the corner. After 12 hours when the weld had finally cured we tried to break the clip from the square sheet of Perspex. What actually happened is we ended up breaking the corner off the edge of the Perspex sheet instead, with the Clipline clip still securely attached.